Legacy of John Thomas Baines

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Udo Richard Averweg has penned yet another interesting article on Durban’s history on the legacy of artist John Thomas Baines. He wrote: The City of Durban has a historical calendar landscape brush-stroked with many anniversary dates. 8th May remains one … Read More

Durban Past

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  Reader Geoff Waters has sent in a document with photos he’s taken of historic locations around town and some text notes he’s made about the pictures. It makes a nostalgic read and you’re welcome to download the 1.8Mb PDF. … Read More

Ricksha request

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  Picture courtesy Nicole White.   Reader Rowan Gatfield is a lecturer in Anthropology and is doing research on photos taken of Richshas from the 1880s to date. He says he is working on an academic paper and would welcome … Read More


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Reader Josephine Andersen has written in with some reminiscences of the Musgrave area: I remember the Musgrave Centre when it was only a ground level floor. I used go shopping there. There used to be a shop with antique furniture … Read More

The Snake in the Signal Box

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Longtime friend of FAD William Paterson has written a book. The Snake in the Signal Box is now available in electronic format from Amazon and is the first of a trilogy about the adventures of Zululand settler Donald Kirkwood who … Read More

Rachel Finlayson Pool

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Mike Kamionka wrote in with the following: Don’t know where to post this rather sad story, but here goes!: (article dated May 2017). I was there last week and saw it for myself. A two-year upgrade to restore one of … Read More

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