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Music in Durban

This page is a work in progress and will eventually link to all I know about music in Durban. There will not be much up initially, but the page will grow.

By Allan Jackson - started January 2010


WWII - 1939-1945

Durban put on a wide selection of music entertainments for the millions of troops who stopped off during WWII when their troopships called in for provisions and bunkers. Many Durbanites performed for the men in venues including the City Hall and the servicemen's clubs which were dotted all over the city. This picture shows Durban singing sensation Rhona Burne (nee Garland) entertaining at the Victoria League Club, which was located at 209 Pine Street. I think pictures of the inside the servicemen's clubs must be a fairly rare, because this is the first I've heard.

Picture courtesy Veonna Burne
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Welcome tp Durban
Click to view a list of the service clubs and other entertainments on offer. From Welcome to Durban, a leaflet produced during WWII by the Durban Publicity Association.

The International Arts League of Youth - 1950s

IALY Picture courtesy Dawn Compton

View a page on IALY which was an initiative to expose school pupils to good music. It's patron was Edward Dunn, conductor of the Durban Civic Orchestra. There are reminsicences from a number of IALY members.

Shirley Gilbert / Durban Civic Orchestra 1950s

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Rock 'n' Roll hits Durban - late 1950s-1960s

IALY Picture courtesy Gerald Buttigieg

Rock 'n' Roll music took off like a rocket in Durban like most other places and youngsters began attending sessions at venues all over town. One of the most famous was the Cookie Look at Claridges Hotel. There are quite a few pages on this site, with memories from people who were there.



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