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There are references to fire all through the FAD website and you can try the search facility if you don'f find what you're looking for here.

Vist to the fire brigade - 2007

This article is based on a visit I made to eThekweni (Durban) Fire Brigade in 2007 on behalf of the ratepayer's magazine Metrobeat for an article they commissioned me to write. It includes some history of fire-fighting in Durban and a look at the current state of the brigade in 2007. Click here to view.

William Milne & The great fire of 1884

The following related stories were sent in by reader Zak Coombs who has a great interest in firefighting history. His interest in William Milne and the Great Fire was prompted by the discovery of a silver firefighting medal awarded to William Milne for his part in fighting the great fire which broke out in Durban's CBD in 1884. Further research by ZAK turned up a lot of information about the history of firefighting in Durban, the fire itself, about Milne himself who was a remarkable man in many ways and about the medal he was awarded.



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