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2010 saw the opening of Durban's King Shaka International Airport at La Mercy, north of the City, and it occurred to me that it was about time we had a definitive page on the airstrips, aerodromes and airports of Durban. Their story is the story of aviation in the city and this will inevitably have to be a time line for that as well.

This page is a work very much in progress is going to be a fairly long-term project and I will add to it whenever I get a chance. Much of the stuff is already listed on the main aviation page but this page will help to organise it all.


Airstrips, aerodromes and airports

By Allan Jackson - January 2011.


Lots and lots of stuff to be added here....


18 February 2010

An interesting press release from ACSA was received. It contains a lot of interesting detail about King Shaka International including the amount of material used in its construction, progress made to date, and the plan for the switch from Durban International. The aerial picture which accompanied the release had been taken on 22 January 2010.

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29 April 2010

An anonymous reader contributed the following picture of the first official landing at King Shaka International Airport on 29 April 2010 @ 2PM. The opening was just in the nick of time for the Soccer World Cup, which was held in South Africa. There were apparently problems when some aircraft carrying fans to Durban games were unable to land because there were already so many small private jets parked in the way.

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