Flying Boats in Durban

The original Flying Boat page was getting pretty big so I have put the material on the the civilian and military flying boats onto different pages.

Imperial Airways / BOAC Passenger & Mail Flights to Durban

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Check out the Poole Flying Boat Celebration site for more on flying boats.
In later years, Poole was the BOAC flying boat base in the UK.
There are even links to some great videos of Canopus and Cambria.

Added 1 November 2007: Showing the first Imperial Airways flying boat, Canopus, under construction. The picture shows how large the craft were.

<== Click to view enlargement.

Pic courtesy Gerald Buttigieg.

Military Flying Boats in Durban

Other pages of interest:

Flying Boat Control Tower

Flying Boat Eyewitnesses

This lovely picture of a passenger Flying Boat is taken from a souvenir booklet of Durban. Details here.

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