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Here are a couple of new pictures sent in by Bob Gooderson. This one is of Mini Town which, as far as I know, is operational near to the old Snake Park site. I was in there only once or twice as a kid and I think that may have been because it may have been a bit expensive for us.

Mini Town.
Courtesy Bob Gooderson.


The chef Peter Chen was an institution in the Edward Hotel’s Mandarin Room restaurant for many years. The following is a scan of a menu from dinner on 16 March 1981 and a signed Jock Leyden cartoon of Peter. I note that the dinner was a whole R4.00 per person.*

Peter Chen and the Mandarin Room.
Courtesy Bob Gooderson.


*Added 6 February 2019: We have received a photo of the Mandarin Room’s menu from approximately 10 years earlier. View it here.

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  1. stanley allan kyd-reddy
    | Reply

    Oh what memories…. worked at the hotel from 1990-1999 what a fantastic place,The Cocktail Bar, The Grapevine with singer(Sheila Taylor) Cabaret with Peter Maxwell,and the famous Smorgasbord Owner Tram Davies, Great General Manager Gerhard Patzer also remember the big five Mike Procter and the boys wow! real good old days…

  2. dave allan
    | Reply

    worked there before that. head chef was a manfred ghering, bucket mouth of note, above the kitchen was the manderin room, run by peter chen,

  3. Veena
    | Reply

    I remember Peter Chen menue
    Awsome food
    Heard he went back to Hong Kong
    Does he have family in South Africa

  4. Rob
    | Reply

    If you like I can sent you the menu of 1961. My just deceased father dined over there.

    • Allan Jackson

      Hi Rob
      I’d love to get a scan of the menu. My address is on the contact page of the site.

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