Info request

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Friend of Fad William Paterson is collecting information for a book set in Zululand and Durban during WWII. He wrote: I am gathering material for the third novel in the Kirkwood trilogy and would welcome receiving very short notes  from people … Read More

Mandarin Room

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Reader Rob Caweg noticed a contribution from Bob Gooderson which included a menu from the Mandarin Room at the Edward Hotel. That menu dates from 1981 and Rob recalled that his father, a Dutch sea captain had dinner at the … Read More

Tongaat locomotive

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Arthur Gammage has asked if anyone knows where the Tongaat Locomotive that used to stand in Bulwer Park is now or if you have a picture of it. Arthur tells me that Eric Lupke obtained permission from the Parks Department … Read More

Ovington Court Update

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  For many years we’ve had a page on the wreck of the Ovington Court which occurred off Addington on 26 November 1940. We’ve been keeping it updated as new information comes to hand and the latest is a submission from … Read More

DLI Reunion

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We have had a request from Robert Timmerman to put out the word about a reunion next year of a platoon from the Durban Light Infantry who were involved in a contact 35 years ago. He wrote: Hi, this is … Read More

Point School 1903?

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Lawrence Somasundram has written to ask if anyone knows of a Point School which would have been in operation around 1903 and would have either been solely for Indian pupils or had them in its numbers. The school was mentioned … Read More

Aimee Lykes

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Now here’s a real treat for all you Durban fans. Angela Romain saw our post on the Aimee Lykes which ran aground on the Aliwal Shoal in 1964 and had some movie footage and stills of the vessel shot by … Read More

Theater Memories

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Reader Belinda dropped a comment on the very popular Arcades of Durban post and it raised so many memories I thought it should have its own post. She wrote: Reading all these posts have brought a flood of memories … I can’t … Read More

Evacuee to visit Durban

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Susan Woodville wrote in to ask if anyone knew her father during his time in Durban. She wrote: My father (Stephen Woodville) was an evacuee in Durban during WW2 – he came from the UK about aged 10 to live … Read More

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