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DHEW - Afrisam press release and pictures - October 2008

In my capacity as editor of KZN Industrial News, I received a press release from Afrisam, the cement manufacturer supplying cement to the project.

The press release can be viewed here and has some interesting facts about the project.

Offloading and placing of the 5t antifers on the New North Groyne.
The placed 5t antifers on the lee slope of the New North Groyne.
The North side pre-cast yard showing the casting yard, 20t dollos units and the 5t and 10t antifers ready for transportation to site.

The placement of the 45t antifers to the sea side of the South Breakwater.

[You will see that each antifer has a number on it, which is unique, and there is a computer somehwere that knows exactly where each end up. Editor.]

Click images to view enlargements.
Pictures, captions and release courtesy Afrisam.


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