Rachel Finlayson Pool

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Mike Kamionka wrote in with the following: Don’t know where to post this rather sad story, but here goes!: (article dated May 2017). I was there last week and saw it for myself. A two-year upgrade to restore one of … Read More

Hotel Cecil

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  Arthur Gammage wrote in with a query about the Hotel Cecil:   G’day Allan Please will you publish this photo on fad and see if Bob Gooderson or anyone else can date this celebratory illumination of the Hotel Cecil … Read More

Blasts from the past

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I recently realised that Facts About Durban has been going for 14 years (it feels more like a lifetime) and I had a happy morning trawling through the older parts of the site. There was no WordPress in those days … Read More

Union Castle II

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  Following on from the previous post on Tim Gallwey’s Union Castle memories, Trevor Friend sent in scans of his Union Castle memorabilia including a map of Africa and the schedule of sailings for 1955.   By the way, I … Read More

New Forest High 1969

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Trevor Friend sent in this picture of his matric class. Speak up if you know any of them.   Back Row: – Andrew (Andy) Miller, Keith Demmer, John (Johnny) Banks, Brian Lloyd, David Downs Middle Row: – Trevor Friend, Gordon … Read More