Info Requests

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I have received a number of info requests in the past little while. Ashley Trytsman wrote: I came across your site and it is amazing! I love Durban, my growing up stomping ground:) Please can you advise/ point me in … Read More

Durban Stations

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Reader Johnny Vassilaros alerted me to an interesting site run Graham Leslie Mccallum. The particular page I’m linking to is about Durban’s Railway Stations but there is plenty more of interest on the site. Share this:

Cherry Wainer

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Reader Mel Narunsky wrote: Hello Allan, I’m sure many old Durbanites will remember Cherry Wainer and Don Storer, who played organ and drums respectively regularly at one of the big cocktail places (I don’t remember which one) on the Durban … Read More

Aviation memories

Reader Vernon Varty wrote in with some of his memories: Thank you for such a wonderful website … as some famous person once said: “There’s nothing like the Good Old Days.” We moved from Pietermaritzburg to Durban in 1941, long … Read More

West Street

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Reader Richard Holmes sent this fine view of West Street. He thinks that it must have been taken sometime prior to 1931. Can anyone narrow the timing down at all? Share this:

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