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Leonard Rosenberg has written in to ask if anyone knows anything about forced removals in the Mansfield Road area. He wrote:

Dear Alan
I am looking for info and photos related to the forced removals in the Mansfield rd area, that is now Durban University of Technology (used to be Technikon Natal) The area was eventually allocated to Technikon Natal who had to acquire all the properties. To my knowledge it was a multiracial area and people had to vacate. Looking for people who used to live in the area.
Thank you
Leonard Rosenberg

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  1. Bruce Robinson
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    Hi leonard, I think the block that had to be vacated was bewsey grove / mansfield road / botanic gardens road / berea road. I do know there was a big hooha as people / families had lived there for many years. There was also a problem when they widened Berea road to what it is today. I will ask around . cheers, Bruce .

  2. Hannes Smith
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    I was a lecturer at the old Technikon Natal from 1977. We occupied an old building in Smith street opposite the main campus building. We referred to our domain by the street number namely 457.
    The building was shared by the school of Fine Arts, Interior design, Teachers training ( students from University of Natal) and Alice Defty`s very well-known school of Fashion and clothing design.
    Naturally we were all very excited about moving to the new campus in Mansfield road, ever since our rector Mr. Allan Pittendrich and his team had started scouting around for suitable land. Everybody realized the problems involved and heartache it would cause to people having to be relocated and moved.
    Finally moving to the new campus was a dream come true for all involved in the planning.
    I retired in 1987 from the Technikon Natal now Natal University of technology

  3. Zaheer
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    Hi Mr. Rosenberg

    I have been doing some research on my family history and discovered that my great grandfather lived in 15 mansfield road and had his business at 11 mansfield road at the time of his passing in 1927. I believe this forms part of the land allocated to the then technikon natal. Any information you can provide to me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you
    Zaheer Osman

  4. Gerald
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    Hi Zaheer,
    I knew the area having lived there from 1958 to 1961. We lived in Dufftown Flats a small block of 4 flats which was No. 99 Mansfield Road.. This building was demolished and the property absorbed into the Technikon.. Also absorbed was the whole of Bewsey Grove which was all white occupied in my time. Bewsey Grove ran from Mansfield Road through to Old Dutch Road. I am not sure when all the demolition and take over occurred. Bewsey Grove had homes both sides so quite a lot of demolition took place.
    I would say that the lower end of Mansfield Road at the time was all Indian owned or occupied. Mansfield Road ended up meeting Centenary Road and flanked the main Durban Fire Brigade station. Looking at the old Durban Directories I find Mansfield Road lower section had quite a few Indian families resident there although I must say they were not very evident. Higher up Mansfield Road, I remember one Indian family who you never saw at all bar at Deepavali when the family put out those little oil lamps on their verandah walls.
    Looking at the 1938 Directory this is what is listed for lower Mansfield Road:
    Warwick Avenue ( a section later changed to Centenary Road)
    Left hand side.
    3 Kussell, Harribhoy Laundry
    7 Nursejeata Laundry
    9 Kismet Laundry
    11 Indians (no details)
    13 Indians
    Etna Lane
    15 Hansot Trading Co.
    17 Indians
    Right Hand side
    Vacant Land
    Mansfield School Grounds

    1965 Directory
    Warwick Ave
    5 – 13 Scala Centre
    7 Scala Shoe Store
    9 Scala Dry Cleaners
    11 Scala Grocers
    13 Scala Photographic Studio
    13a Scala Watch Works
    Etna Lane
    Mansfield Road Boys High School.

    Not much but hope this helps a bit.

  5. Tammy
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    I lived and visited my Grandparents who live on the corner of Mansfield Road and Bewsey Grove between 1965 and 1968. Their names were Dolly and Phillip Koch. There were empty shops underneath and my Grandparents lived above the empty shops, Odette and Melanie Talmage lived at the bottom behind the shops. A Greek or Portugese family lived across the road and he owned the tearoom further down Mansfield road. Further up Bewsey Grove was a calde-sac where hippies used to gather and play their guitars. I recall a lovely Indian family that I would visit a few houses down Mansfield Road on the same side of Mansfield School. There was also a white lady with short black hair, not sure who she was but everyone called her Marie biscuits. Good memories

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