St Joseph’s

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My informant Bianca Lawrence sent in a great picture taken from Russlyn flats in St Andrew’s Street and looking towards Broad Street. Shown is the old St Joseph’s School where Bianca was a pupil in Class 1. She said she … Read More

New pictures

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We’ve got a couple of pictures for you today. The first is of the Little Top and comes from Erica Koen which I have put up on the main Entertainment page because there is already quite a bit of stuff … Read More


A couple of posts back, Ariel Rudolph wrote in to ask about signs on the Bluff near the ┬árestricted military area. Legend has it that there was a sign saying that one was leaving Durban and another welcoming you to … Read More

Surfing Heritage SA

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Here’s a really cool link sent in by Warren Rodel. It’s to the website of Surfing Heritage SA which is based in Durban. They guys are concerned with the history of surfing in South Africa in general but there is … Read More


I had an e-mail recently from Paula Santa-Rita who had a few questions and some memories. I lived in Durban between January 1966 to 1969 at Walsingham’s Catholic Girl’s Hostel in Berea just off Berea Road, if I remember it … Read More

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